Private Investors

Discretionary Asset Management

In Discretionary Asset Management, the investment strategy is based on the client’s unique risk and return objectives, the desired return target, the risk tolerance and the constraints that may exist. All these factors determine the investment mandate that will guide the portfolio management team to make investment decisions that fulfill the client’s objectives. The clients take advantage of the experience of professional portfolio managers and keep a distance from the day-to-day market monitoring and the investment decisions that are time-consuming and require advanced knowledge on investments.

Advisory Asset Management

In Advisory Asset Management, the private clients have active involvement in investment decisions, and frequent communication with the portfolio management team. The portfolio manager provides to clients the investment recommendations, the return opportunities and the risk involved so that the client can make the final decision.


  The Segregate Mandates offer expertise in both Equity and Bond Asset Classes in a range of geographical regions.

The equity portfolios include:

  • NBG HELLENIC EQUITY that invests in Greek equities,
  • NBG BASE EQUITY that invests in Eurozone combining both Greek and European equities
  • NBG EUROPEAN EQUITY that invests in European equity markets including Eurozone, UK and Switzerland
  • NBG GLOBAL EQUITY that invests in the European and US equity markets

The bond portfolios include:

  • NBG EURO BONDS that invests in Government Bonds in the Eurozone

The above equity and bond portfolios can be combined to offer solutions in a range of risk profiles from the most conservative to the most aggressive. For example, for a client with a medium-risk profile, a balanced portfolio with an allocation of both Equity and Bond portfolios would be the optimum solution.