NBG International SICAV / FCP FUNDS – Investor Benefits

Investing in NBG International Funds provides you with significant opportunities and unique benefits.

Trust in your Investment
NBG Asset Management Luxembourg is the Management Company domiciled in Luxemburg. It is a subsidiary of the National Bank of Greece and in cooperation with NBG Asset Management AEDAK. offer specialized investment solutions through NBG International SICAV / FCP Funds.

The Corporate Structure of NBG International Funds meets all the requirements of the Luxembourg authorities and all the countries of the European Union where they can be unrestrictedly available.

Wide range of Products (Funds)
NBG International SICAV / FCP Funds include a number of different Sub-Funds that offer a wide range of investment options in equities, bonds, money market instruments, etc., covering globally the biggest and the most important capital markets.

Access in International Markets
NBG International Funds offer investors the opportunity to invest in the most important global markets of the developed countries (U.S., Europe, Japan etc.).

This way you can take advantage of investment opportunities in different geographical zones and different sectors of the economy.

High standard of Management
NBG Asset Management M.F.M.C. is the Investment Manager of NBG International Funds SICAV supported by all the investment companies of NBG GROUP in Greece and abroad.

The experience, know-how and great opportunities that NBG Group disposes of, ensures a high- standards investment management.

No fee redemptions
Redemptions of shares in whole or in part can be effectuated on the share price of the funds and thus without extra fees.

Transaction processing facility
Subscriptions, Redemptions or Conversions of NBG International Funds SICAV shares are easy and simple transactions that are taking place on a daily basis in all NBG Bank branches.

Immediate Customer Reporting
For the value of your investments, you have the opportunity to get information from the Daily Press, this Company website and from all the branches of National Bank of Greece.