Distribution of Units / Shares

Prior to a subscription in a Delos Mutual Funds, the prospective unitholder must receive the KIID of the Mutual Fund. The investor can also receive the Prospectus the regulation and the Annual and Semi-annual reports of the fund.

Subscription in Delos Mutual Funds is made through the submission of a signed application to the M.F.M.C or in one of our delegated / authorized sales representatives.

Payment of the invested amount to the custodian. The client must be the holder of a NBG Account so that all transactions can be carried out of it.

The Units/Shares of the Mutual Funds may belong to more than one unit holder (beneficiary) under a written declaration and are subject to the provisions of Law 5638/32 “depositing in a joint account”.

Redemption of Units/Shares

Unit holders can redeem their units /shares in whole or in part on any day by submitting an application to the Company or to a delegated /authorized representative.

The amount for the units/shares redeemed will be credited into five days in the investor’s Bank account in National Bank of Greece or delivered in a National Bank of Greece cheque.

Conversions of Units/shares

Unit holders of Delos Mutual funds have the option, upon submission of an application to the Company or the delegated /authorized representatives, to convert their units/shares into the units/shares of another Delos Mutual Fund.

All units/shares conversions are executed on the day of the submission of the application under a favorable commission status. There is not a limit in the number of conversions a unit/share holder can apply for.

Prerequisites for all the above are the market conditions, as well as the benefits and the protection of the unit holders.

In any case, the conversion of units is characterized as an act of redemption of owned units/shares which, in sequence, distribute new ones, according to the provisions of current legislation and of the Regulation of Mutual Funds.

Valuation Rules (article 11, Law 4099/2012)

The Management Company valuates the Assets of a Mutual fund, according to accounting rules which are established by the relevant decisions of the Capital Market Committee.