What is NBG ASSET ALLOCATION Fund of Funds

NBG ASSET ALLOCATION is a group of Mutual Funds of NBG Asset Management S.A. that belong to the Fund of Funds category (Mutual Funds that invest in other Mutual Funds).

The NBG ASSET ALLOCATION funds, following the meaning of their denomination, are a unique combination of all investment categories (cash, bonds, equities) through mutual funds all over the world chosen based on the following criteria:

  • The last 3 years cumulative returns, risk adjusted.

  • The consistency of their returns relative to their benchmark.

  • Their ranking in international agencies that compare all mutual funds in the same category.

The Mutual Fund selection of every NBG ASSET ALLOCATION Fund of Funds is being dynamically managed regularly (active management) through a range of mutual funds from the most well-known banking and financial institutions globally.

What is the benefit compared to simple mutual funds.

NBG ASSET ALLOCATION Fund of Funds are considered as a complete investment proposal. as they achieve asset allocation through Fund of funds

They integrate the expertise of the best Fund Managers in the world coupled by the selection know-how of NBG Asset Management M.F.M.C.

They combine all the benefits of the Mutual Funds in a greater extend as:

1. They achieve greater diversification by investing at the same time:

  • In all asset classes (stocks, bonds etc).

  • In the greatest international markets

  • In the most dynamic sectors of the global economy

2. They take advantage of the investment opportunities in the global markets in an immediate and efficient way.

3. They combine several investment processes to attain greater returns with smaller risk.

4. They invest by default in the best Mutual Funds of the biggest financial institutions in the world.

5. They use strict criteria for the Fund Managers’ valuation, based on their performances and the global market conditions.

Three (3) Asset Allocation Fund of Funds with different risk premiums and potential returns

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