The institution of Mutual Funds was established in Greece by N.D. 608/70 concerning “Portfolio investment companies & Mutual Funds”. Presenlty, it follows the provisions of Law 4099/2012, which incorporated European Directive 2009/65/EC-UCITS into the Greek Legislation. The placements in mutual funds are globally considered as one of the most efficient and flexible collective investment schemes.

UCITS in the form of a Mutual Fund represent a collection of assets consisting of securities, money market instruments and cash whose elements are divided pro rata to more than one unitholders. The Mutual Fund is not a legal entity and the unitholders are represented in and out of court, as to the legal relationships of its management and their rights over its assets, by the Mutual Fund Management Company. The members of the Mutual Fund are the Mutual Fund Management Company, unitholders and the Custodian.


The relationship among Management Company, Custodian and unit holders is set out in the Regulation of the Mutual fund. The regulation includes the name of the Mutual fund, its duration, the investment target, the valuation rules and all the necessary information on the modalities of the operation of the mutual fund. The Regulation and the Annual and Semi-Annual Reports of the mutual fund which include the report of the external auditor, are incorporated in the Prospectus of the Fund and are available to investors in the branches of National Bank of Greece as well as at authorized representatives.


  • 30/6 1rst semester accounting statements
  • 31/12 annual statement of Assets, balance sheet of the profit & loss account and index of distribution of profits.
  • 31/3, 30/06, 30/9 and 31/12 for quarterly investment statements (percentage asset composition of Mutual Funds and Mutual Fund investments).